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3D Models

SmartData collects and analyses hundreds of high resolution images to build a dynamic 360 degree vision. This permits measurements and inspections on facades as well as interactive annotations, volumetric reports and measurements.

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Accurate 3D Models

Each individual point on the 3D model is one of many. Each one has a GPS location attached to it to enable the model to be relatively accurate to the real life asset and facilitates the creation of a digital twin.

Sites can then be catalogued and referenced to a historical point in time. This is great for comparing how a site has change, or evolved over time.

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Interactive Data

As our SmartData software delivers interactive capabilities, you can annotate, measure and mark up items of interest before sharing the data with nominated team members through an easily accessed web-based platform.

This makes for seamless project integration. KMZ/SHP files can also be layered within the 3D Model.

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Professional Visualisation

3D Modelling also offers a clear, accurate and arresting method of presenting developmental, architectural and engineering plans to key investors, councils and interested parties.

Use SmartData 3D Modelling to:

  • Visualise assets
  • Measurements – both linear and volumetric
  • Link to asset management databases
  • Ability to compare assets over time (via side by side comparison)
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Data Comparisons

Whether it’s a 3D mesh, point cloud or Orthomosaic imagery, SmartData will allow you to visualise different types of data side by side in your web browser. Couple this with the power of our inspection viewer and you have a powerful data repository at your fingertips.

You can also transform 2D pdf drawings of your assets into manageable, cloud-based models with embedded information. You can easily share these with your team through a central web access point.

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Want to see SmartData in action?

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